Welcome to Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project.

The Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project (LCSDP) was initiated in 2002 by the Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation and is an Indigenous community initiative that has successfully engaged the broader community in the far southwest of Victoria.

The LCSDP’s priority goal is to sustainably develop the Lake Condah and Tyrendarra district as a major heritage park through inclusive activities that engage communities, land owners, governments, industry, schools and education institutions.

The overall project is envisaged to become a major hub for eco and cultural tourism and a major demonstration project exploring appropriate pathways to sustainable development.

The project is based on strong local leadership and a positive vision for a sustainable prosperity for the communities in the far southwest of Victoria.

The community-driven governance structure features a broad-based LCSDP Leadership Group and chartered Working Groups to advance priorities identified in the LCSDP Masterplan 2002.

Since its establishment, the LCSDP has successfully achieved many of its objectives while maintaining its momentum towards achieving the LCSDP vision.

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